Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) Market estimated to be worth $21.4 billion by 2025

“Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) Market & Drug Pipeline Analysis” gives comprehensive insights on the various drugs being developed for the treatment of DFU. The report covers all the drugs that are in various phases of development (Discovery, Preclinical and Clinical). The pipeline focuses on novel pharmacologic drugs and regenerative medicines covering, antibodies, stem cell therapies, recombinant proteins, Peptide therapies, RNA-based therapeutics and others, but excludes symptom relief drugs, wound dressing, drug delivery systems, generic combinations and radiation therapies. The report also covers some of the hot targets in research for DFU treatments and related biomarkers.

This report enables Pharmaceutical/Biotech companies, Academic institutes, Individual researchers, Investors, Medical technology companies, Service providers and other associated stake holders to identify and analyze the available licensing/collaborative commercial opportunities in the DFU drugs market. The report also provides strategic insights on some of the molecules that are yet to be launched in the next few years.

Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) are poorly healing (chronic) wounds found most commonly on the planter surface of the foot, and are among the most common and serious complications resulting from diabetes. 25% of the diabetic population is at risk of DFU in their life time. In 2017, approximately, 14 Mn people worldwide suffering from DFU and more than half of all foot ulcers infected require costly hospitalization and 1 in 5 require amputation. Various types of grading systems such as Wagner Grade (WG) and University of Texas (US) are used in assessing and documenting DFU. However, there is no universally accepted grading system but clinicians employ any one of the existing systems depending on condition.  Wagner grade of classification is not recommended to assess the severity of DFU as per NICE guidelines.

Smith & Nephew’s REGRANEX (becaplermin) Gel is the only FDA-approved recombinant platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) therapy for diabetic neuropathic ulcers. However, it has some limitation such as the efficacy issues with pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers and ischemic diabetic ulcers, and it is contraindicated with known skin cancers at the site of application. Hence, there is a huge unmet need and demand for novel therapies to treat DFU.





  • DFU Introduction
    • DFU grading, Treatment algorithm, Patient care pathway & Visiting patterns, Clinical practice guidelines, Current SOC, Adjuvant therapies, Alternative approaches, Unmet needs, ICD/CPT codes
  • Epidemiology
    • In this section, epidemiology of DFU is reviewed to understand potential significance and impact of the disease.
    • Global and US prevalence rates
  • Hot Targets, Pathophysiology and Biomarkers
    • In this section, various DFU associated targets, pathophysiology, and biomarkers are discussed. Also, covers novel targets in early research for DFU.
  • Market Data
    • Forecasting model for DFU market
    • DFU market dynamics
    • DFU Market Sizing
    • DFU related deals & Funding scenario in DFU market
  • Pipeline Analysis
    • Pipeline analysis was carried to get deeper insights on various treatment modalities in discovery, preclinical and development section, pipelines from major companies were identified and potential targets were reported along with Mechanism of action, Current development status and nature of molecule. Pipeline analysis by developmental stage (Discovery to Clinical development).
      • Small Molecules
      • Large Molecules
        • Stem Cell therapies, Protein therapies , Peptide therapies  and Others
    • Drug analysis based on mechanism (Wound healing,  Neuropathy, Ischemia, Neuroischemia and infection)
  • Key Players Analysis
    • The key player’s analysis section provides an in-depth understanding of various companies working on DFU and their pipelines with development phase as well as understanding partnering strategies such as deals entered by the company.
    • Global key players overview
    • Global key players Pipeline data (Discovery, Pre-clinical and Clinical development)
    • Global key players deals (Collaborations, Licensing, Service agreements, grants, funds)

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