Brief Summary

IQ4I’s subscription database covers Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Medtech market reports to enable our clients to gain deep insights on the latest trends, emerging technologies, geographic markets, competition and key application areas. This database offers a repository of potential markets with the highest growth rates, offering lucrative prospects for market expansion.

IQ4I’s database offers rich user experience by allowing visualization of key market data at each level in the form of attractive graphical representation of key markets on products, applications, technology & end-users.

  • > 1 million data points
  • > 11,000 product market segments
  • > 15,000 companies
  • > 50,000 price points


Drug Evaluation Database is an AI-based platform that predicts the valuation of a given drug candidate and supports in portfolio prioritization. This database allows users to make a better-calculated decisions on choosing, which Pharmaceutical or Biotech asset to invest in. Currently, there is no single platform available in the market which provides one-click valuation and forecasting of biotech or pharmaceutical drugs, allowing better planning and strategy. 

This database allows users to enter basic target product attributes and generates key information on financial forecasting and Portfolio prioritization as given below.

The two components in evaluation databases are given below.

Financial Forecasting

The database considers this target product attributes (Molecule type, Therapeutic area, Indication, Country, Launch year, Treatment cost and Competition) and uses backend country-wise disease epidemiology, Probability of success for each development stage to estimate potential market size and gives a risk-adjusted NPV as output.

Portfolio Prioritization

The database also helps in portfolio decision making amongst the set of assets under a portfolio and highlights Low development cost, High NPV and Shorter development Timeline Projects, by analyzing key factors such as: