Contract bio-manufacturing global market is expected to reach $48.8 billion by 2027

Biomanufacturing is a widely used term to describe manufacture of biologic molecules for various stages of drug development right from pre-clinical stage to commercial supply. The biologic drug manufacturing is a complex process involving huge capital and sound technical expertise. Many large and small pharmaceutical companies are turning to outsourcing the drug manufacture process to reduce capital investments on capacities and focus more on their core competencies. Contract manufacturing organizations, particularly for R&D and clinical trials, are making product manufacture, more efficient and often less costly. In addition to that, the use of single-use bioreactors is effectively reducing the manufacture facility cost. This option is more viable for smaller and low-funded companies for their in-house candidate product manufacturing needs, whereby, the companies can avoid $50-$150 million facility costs for construction of fixed, dedicated stainless steel bioreactor-based bioprocessing systems and outsource their manufacturing requirements to CMOs which use single-use facilities which typically cost $25-$40 million for commercial manufacture.

There is a continued growth of biopharmaceutical market which is expected to nearly double in next 10 years. This will be a result of continued new product approvals, expansion of indications for current products which include less-developed countries becoming more affluent and increased drug demand of the aging population in the U.S. and other major pharmaceutical markets. Aging populations are at a high risk of developing chronic diseases such as cancer and arthritis and these diseases are being precisely targeted using biopharmaceuticals. Many blockbuster drugs losing their exclusivity are also giving room for many biosimilar (and bio-betters) companies to enter into the world’s biopharmaceuticals market subsequently attracting many CROs, CDMOs, and CMOs to enter into the picture. Hence, there is every reason to assume that future growth in biopharmaceutical outsourcing will continue at a minimum X% in western countries to about X% in Asian countries.

Contract manufacturing market was estimated region wise with segmental revenues for various end user groups such as diagnostics, research reagents and therapeutics. Total available manufacturing capacity was estimated with distinction between GMP vs. non-GMP, in-house vs. CMOs and clinical vs. commercial contract manufacturing. Key developments such as collaborations, capacity expansions and acquisitions were reported and analyzed.

  • In depth assessment of all segments and sub segments of contract biomanufacturing global market
  • Regional analysis of contract biomanufacturing global market
  • Market dynamics for contract manufacturing
  • Market sizing based on end users
  • Emerging trends and strategies
  • Market share analysis of major players in contract manufacturing global market.
  • Competitive landscape with regard to capacities for major CMOs
  • CMO service matrix based on type of cell culture techniques, revenues and employee size

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