Trend Towards the Use of Smart Pumps Set to Drive the Infusion Pumps Accessories Global Market

Medication & nutrition administration plays a major role in maintaining patient’s health both in terms of the mental and physical state by using different administration devices. In the early days different instruments like syringes and drip chambers were used for infusing medicines continuously, whereas, using traditional instruments would sometimes lead to dosage errors complicating the patient’s life and even sometimes leading to death. In order to avoid such circumstances, infusion pumps were developed.

Infusion pumps are therapeutic medical devices used extensively for the purpose of delivering nutrients and medications using different mode of administration like intravenous, subcutaneous or epidural when the oral route of administration fails. These pumps play a major role in all clinical areas and are an essential tool for providing preoperative, critical and pain management care by facilitating continuous medicine administration without any interruption. With the significant development in medical sciences, the number of deaths due to various types of infectious diseases has drastically reduced, thus increasing the longevity of population and change in lifestyle activities have increased the non-infectious and metabolic disorders. The projected increase in the old aged patient population provides an opportunity to increase market share and new revenue stream for infusion pumps & accessories companies specialized in the treatment of various diseases to come up with effective therapeutic procedures using infusion pumps.

Traditional infusion pumps are only suitable for continuous medication administration in applications like oncology, anaesthesia/critical care/pain management, neonatology/paediatrics, endocrinology, haematology, gastroenterology and others. Wherein need for correct dosage settings and right medication administration is not guaranteed due to manual settings, in order to avoid such errors leading to medical complications market players have come up with smart pumps. The smart pump is a type of technically advanced infusion pumps that collect data and then segregate them into a database on the central server. These pumps provide a facility of recording of administration warnings, clinical responses to those alerts; it also consists of drug library which holds the drug dosing information including dosing limits, infusion parameters and drug specific advisories. These pumps with the adoption of software reduce administration errors associated with miscalculated doses and provide a check of manual calculations to ensure the dosing formula selected is appropriate to the medication and the patient. In May 2016, Hospira, Inc. a leading provider of infusion technologies launched LifeCare PCA 7.0 infusion system, this is the first patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) infusion pump to offer electronic medical record (EMR) integration and also enables device auto-programming & streamlines documentation of infusion data to help improve the safety and efficiency of pain management medication administration. Some of the smart pumps available include CADD-Solis Ambulatory Infusion pump developed by Smiths Medical (U.K.) and LifeCare PCA 7.0 developed by Pfizer, Inc. (U.S.). Some of the market players manufacturing smart pumps include B Braun Melsungen AG (Germany), Baxter International Inc. (U.S.), Pfizer Inc (U.S.) and Smiths Medical (U.K.).

Technological advancements such as smart pumps, insulin patch pumps for diabetes insulin management, wireless infusion pumps, non-magnetic intravenous infusion pumps, customized infusion pumps & disposables, microinfusion pumps and combinational pumps are expected to rule the infusion pumps market through their special features.

There are many companies offering infusion pumps and their accessories for continuous medication administrations. Disposable infusion pumps a type of ambulatory pumps is a simple, low-cost, portable and light weighted single use elastomeric drug infusion pump integrated with administration set helps in providing continuous infusion of medication with preset dose in safe and accurate manner. It is mostly used both in hospital and home care settings for delivering drugs in anesthesia, pain management and chemotherapy applications at the constant and controlled rate. Some of the disposable infusion pumps in the market include HOMEPUMP C-Series and Eclipse pumps by Halyard Health (U.S.), KDS EZFlow 2050 by KD Scientific Inc (U.S.), Ambulatory Infusion disposable sets by Smiths Medical (U.K.), Beeline disposable ambulatory pump by Moog Inc (U.S.), Lynntech MedPump – Disposable Drug Infusion Pump by Lynntech (U.S.), Easypump II ST/LT by B Braun (Germany), Infusor portable Elastomeric infusion Pumps by Baxter (U.S.).

Increasing use of infusion pumps in most of the applicational areas for medication administration is the main factor that has led to the demand for technically advanced products thus making market players to focus more towards research activities, approvals and product launches. For instance, Smiths Medical (U.K.) has introduced Medfusion 4000 wireless infusion pump, an intuitive system that confirms the critical decisions by thinking about infusion accuracy and safety. This wireless syringe pump is recognized for safe, accurate medication delivery to patients in paediatric & neonatal intensive care unit and the operating room.

Major players in infusion pumps & accessories market include Johnson & Johnson (U.S.), Terumo Corporation (Japan), Medtronic PLC (Ireland), Pfizer, Inc. (U.S.), Beckton Dickinson & Company (U.S.), Smiths Medical (U.K.), Fresenius Kabi (Germany), Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland), Moog, Inc. (U.S.), Baxter International, Inc. (U.S.), and B. Braun Melsungen AG (Germany).

Some of the emerging and start-ups market players of Infusion pumps & accessories global market include Atena (U.S.), Insulet Corporation (U.S.), Flowonix Medical Inc (U.S.), Medasys Inc (U.S.), Mircel Medical Devices (Greece), Codman (U.S.), I-Flow Corporation (U.S.), Shanghai Berry Electronic Tech Co Ltd (China), Arrow International (U.S.) and Codman & Shurtleff (U.S.).


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