IQ4I Published a New Report on “Immunotherapeutics Global Market – Forecast To 2021”

Immunotherapeutics field is rapidly advancing at an unprecedented rate, as estimated by IQ4I Research that the immunotherapeutics global market is expected to reach $138.9 billion by 2021.

This report analyzes the immunotherapeutics market in terms of market revenue ($ million) for all segments and it enables Pharmaceutical /Biotech companies, Academic institutes, Individual researchers, Investors, Medical technology companies, Service providers and other associated stake holders to identify and analyze the available licensing/collaborative commercial opportunities in the Immunotherapeutics global market.

The factors driving the growth of this market are increasing incidence of immunological diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, high potency of immunotherapy drugs over other drugs, mutual agreements among the companies for drug development to commercialization, adoption of biological therapies in disease management, increasing importance of CART therapies, market penetration of key players across emerging nations, commercialization and distribution of immunotherapy drugs. In addition to this, emerging Asia Pacific and Latin American countries engaging in immunotherapeutics development and increasing government funding are some of the opportunities that are propelling the growth of the market. However, the high cost of the drug development process with a threat of failure in the end stage and reimbursement issues are hampering the growth of the market. The threat to the immunotherapeutics market is reimbursement issue.

The global immunotherapeutics market is divided based on the segments, application and geography. Based on the segments, the immunotherapeutics are divided into monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, checkpoint inhibitors and non specific therapies. By application, the immunotherapeutics are divided into oncology, inflammatory disease, CNS and others. There are many cancer types such as lung cancer, melanoma, head and neck cancer, leukemia, colorectal cancer (CRC), lymphoma and others.

Geographical wise North America is the largest market, followed by Europe and Asia-pacific. The APAC regions suggest an array of opportunities for growth and are likely to be getting into the eyes of new investors in the immunotherapeutics market. Growth in the Asian market is attributed to rising incidence of target diseases, growing geriatric population and better healthcare initiatives by governments and various private organizations

The global immunotherapeutics market is a highly competitive market and all the existing players in this market are involved in developing new and advanced products to maintain their market shares. Some of the key players of the immunotherapeutics market are AbbVie (U.S.), Amgen (U.S.), Biogen (U.S.), Bristol-Myers Squibb (U.S.), Celgene (U.S.), Johnson & Johnson (U.S.), Merck &Co., Inc (U.S.), Novartis (Switzerland), Pfizer (U.S.) and Roche (Switzerland).

Reasons for buying this report:

  • Market assessment of all segments and sub segments of Immunotherapeutics market
  • In-depth market sizing analysis of various segments and sub segments of Immunotherapeutics Types, Applications and Regional markets
  • Regulatory scenario across the globe
  • Reimbursement Scenario
  • Product Pipeline of major players
  • Patent Analysis
  • Top selling drugs in Immunotherapeutics market focusing on Oncology, Inflammation, CNS and Other therapeutic areas with forecasting data
  • Deals, Collaborations, Acquisitions and Approvals info
  • Market share analysis of key players


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